Author: Dorothy Sparrow-Stuart

Instagram Marketing Planner

Are you missing the opportunity to reach over 500 million monthly active users on Instagram? We’ll help you fix that. Use this package to prepare a live mini-class or recorded ecourse program, and walk your clients through how to beef up their presence on Instagram and grow their business by building a loyal tribe of followers, and gain more leads and customers. Or, use this package as a lead generator to build your list – for example, you could pick one of the exercises like “How to Plan an Instagram Contest to Create Massive Buzz about Your Brand” –...

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Your Amazon Author Page Monetization Planner

Few things demonstrate your expertise on a subject like a book does. That’s why so many coaches, speakers, marketers, and others choose to publish books in their niche. But your book isn’t the only tool in your author arsenal. If you publish on Amazon, whether as a Kindle author, Create Space author, or with a traditional publishing house, you are entitled to an “Author Page.” But many authors simply don’t take the time to make the most out of their author page, and they’re missing out—not only on an opportunity to make a great impression but on the chance...

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Design + Plan Your Client Attracting Website

We all know the power of first impressions and how long lasting they can be, so you simply cannot afford to waste those precious few seconds with a new visitor. This planner will help your website to present the professional, polished image you want the world to see. Don’t let your clients be stuck with a sucky website that “scares” visitors off. Instead, use this package to coach them through the process of creating a website that converts. Or, you can use this package as a lead generator to build your list – simply set up an opt-in page,...

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How to Host an Off the Charts Book Signing Event

Imagine a crowd of eager fans all waiting for you to appear, read a bit from your latest bestseller, and answer questions. It’s the scene that’s filled many would-be authors’ daydreams, and now that you have a book, it can become your reality. All it takes is a little planning and organization. Using this package, you can coach your clients 1:1 or to a group through a live mini-class or recorded ecourse program, and walk them through the process of organizing their book signing event. Or, you can use this package as a lead generator to build your list...

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Your Keynote + Presentation Speech Planner

When it comes to showing off your expertise and being seen as the authority you are, there aren’t many better avenues than keynote speeches and other presentations. The number one thing you can do to combat stage fright and take your rightful place on the speaker circuit is to be prepared. This step-by-step planner will help you map out your speech so you can confidently step up onto the virtual stage to host webinars, periscopes, and other “live” events. With this content you can coach your clients through the process of defining their ideal audience, brainstorming their topic, defining their message and more. Or, this topic would be a great lead generator to use for building your list – set up an opt-in page, monetize the content with your information and offers, and give it away to the people who sign up for your mailing list. You get all of this Done-for-You content in .doc format so it’s ready to use. You can customize it as much (or as little) as you would like. Click here to learn more...

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