Hi, I’m Dorothy

Hi, my name is Dorothy, nice to meet you!

I work with savvy entrepreneurs just like you that want to earn the income you want while building the business of your dreams.

Do you find yourself spending too much time putting out fires or handling busy work that isn’t growing your business or making you any money?

No worries! I am here to help you leverage your time with my skills that can easily help you get more done every single day, and without using your own time to do it!

I help you to keep you focused on the tasks you need to prioritize and take over tasks that are weighing you down.

I implement systems and automate processes to give you the time to focus on the stuff you love to do while feeling confident that your back office designer has you covered.

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My Why?

As a business owner I have outgrown my job as an employee. I an a “doer” and leader, and I love continuous learning and growth. I want to offer my experience in administration and organization, as well as my business knowledge to those seeking to grow their business. Being exceptionally well organized, reliable and persistent is my DNA – literally.

Solo entrepreneurs need competent support, and I say with confidence that “I’ve got your back”.

Professional Bio

In August 2012, I started VirtuSite. I began supporting small business owners. I enjoyed it but it was too broad and I wanted something a little more specific. In May of 2014, I met a fellow VA and she told me about a certification course that worked with coaches. I inquired about coaches, what did they do and how I could support them. She was more than happy to share information as well as allowing me to partner with her on some projects. In June 2014, I was certified as a Coaches Console VA. I’ve loved every minute of being able to support coaches no matter where their business is at. I enjoy being able to add value to their already growing business.

What I have begun to notice more and more is that coaches are looking for someone to manage their entire business and grow a team. So in October 2018, I began my journey to becoming an Online Business Manager. The journey I’ve been on has been marvelous and I’m looking forward to helping you take your business to the next level!

Finally, experience less stress and more contentment

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